May 19, 2024


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3 Steps for Seducing Women With Your Body Language

Seducing women begins with making a great first impression. So it’s important to be aware of your body language, and what it says to the women you’re hoping to meet. It’s actually not at all hard to adopt the kind of attitude that attracts women; it’s simply a matter of being aware of your own body, and making it do what you want it to do. It only takes a few simple exercises, and pretty soon you’ll be projecting the kind of bearing that women will find irresistible.

1. Relax.

To start with, breathe deeply and slowly. This will help you relax, and will help you notice what your body is doing. Most of the time our muscles act in ways we’re not aware of, so the first step is to start to take notice. Keep your shoulders low and your head high. Don’t clench your jaw. If you’re sitting, keep an open posture. Don’t cross your arms. And maintain slow, steady breaths. The more relaxed you are, the more confident you’ll seem. And women find confidence very seductive!

2. Stand Strong.

Don’t ever stand with your feet together; keep them at about the same width as your shoulders. Keeping your weight mostly on the balls of your feet, just at the base of the toes, gives you a more active stance. Stand up straight. Hands can be awkward, as you don’t want to plant them in your pockets or cross your arms. A drink makes a useful prop to keep your hands occupied. Or let them rest lightly on your hips, or hook your thumbs in your belt loops.

3. Be Open.

Everything about your body language should be inviting. Don’t cross your arms or your legs, as this creates the impression that you’re setting up a barrier. Keeping your shoulders back will naturally spread your arms for a more welcoming posture. Keep your hands open and your palms toward her, as much as you can without it feeling unnatural. Keep your lips parted, and smile. Maintain eye contact. Lean forward, angling yourself toward her. If things are going well and she seems really into you, try touching her playfully — in safe, non-sexual areas like her arms, her back, or her shoulders. And be conscious of her own body language as well. If she starts to close off, crossing her arms or leaning away from you, it’s a sign you’re being too aggressive. Back off a bit. Let her relax.

And that’s it. As you work on these basic pointers, you’ll find your attitude start to shift as well. You’ll be more confident, more engaging, and more attractive to women. It won’t happen overnight, and you’ll probably find different women responding differently to different things. But the more you work at it, the better you’ll become at seducing women with your body language.